All of the Chrysler Pacifica's safety features are favorites of our Uniontown, PA Tri-Star Uniontown team members. We love that this spacious, handsome, efficient minivan handles smoothly and can anticipate nearly every on-road scenario.

Warnings for Unintentional Lane Drifting

If for any reason you find yourself drifting across lanes unintentionally, the Chrysler Pacifica alerts you with a special warning. If course correction doesn't occur in a timely manner, the Chrysler Pacifica's Lane Keep Assist feature helps guide you back into your lane.

Watching Your Back for You

Blind spots needn't remain blind spots any longer. The Chrysler Pacifica watches your caboose using a very nifty feature: the Blind Spot Monitoring System. The system scans your blind spots, showcasing a lighted icon in the corresponding exterior mirror when a vehicle enters either of your blind spots. Now, you can make lane changes in a more graceful, timely manner.

Rear Park Assist

Called ParkSense, Rear Park Assist alerts you visually and audibly to rear obstacles when you're in Reverse. The Chrysler Pacifica goes so far as to brake automatically to avoid dings as you back into tight parking spots.

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