The Dodge Durango is a leader in the mid-size, three-row SUV category, with advanced tech and safety, a roomy cabin and configurable cargo space for your biggest shopping hauls. Despite an 8,700-pound towing capacity, this SUV is surprisingly fuel-efficient, managing at least 19/26 mpg city/highway. How can this be? Our Uniontown, PA Tri Star Uniontown CDJR team assembled a few fuel efficiency features to explain.

The Electronic T-Shifter

Paired with its all-wheel-drive system is the Dodge Durango's electronic T-shifter. Named for its shape, this shifter fits comfortably in your grip like a modified clutch. It shifts between gears smoothly and quickly, helping you accelerate quickly and without lag. The result is better handling at any speed and more efficient use of fuel on Uniontown, PA streets, and highways.

All-Wheel-Drive System

An all-wheel-drive system gives the Dodge Durango an automatic advantage. The system sends torque to all four wheels, enhancing traction and stability. This, then, improves maneuverability and acceleration on a variety of terrains, saving on fuel.

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