This Threat to Your Undercarriage is Easy to Prevent

In the wintertime, salt corrosion can be a real threat to your undercarriage. Road salt is placed on slippery roadways in order to help your vehicle's traction, but this well-intentioned substance can have some negative effects on the health of your vehicle. Road salt can sink its way into your vehicle's metal frame and cause rust and other issues.

In order to prevent road salt from damaging your car, there are a number of steps you can take. One of them is to take your car to get washed every ten days. Washing your car and subframe down will help get rid of road salt build-up, which will, in turn, help keep your frame from rotting. This is the best way to keep road salt from corroding your undercarriage away.

At Tri Star Uniontown CDJR, we always try to keep our customers knowledgeable about ways to protect their vehicles. Pay us a visit to discuss vehicle maintenance further, or to test-drive one of the many models in our lineup.

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