The Chrysler Mopar Vehicle Protection System Offers Accessories Too

For over 35-years, the Chrysler Mopar Vehicle Protection system has been providing drivers of a wide variety of vehicle models with comprehensive extended warranty coverage. This valuable service provides vehicle owners with a number of protection plan choices, and these include the Maximum Care plan and the Added Care Plus plan.

These plans collectively protect literally thousands of vital vehicle components. Plus, they offer service and installation of these parts by certified Mopar technicians. That said, this service doesn't stop there, because it also offers drivers thousands of accessories that are custom fit for their specific vehicle models.

Chrysler Mopar Vehicle Protection parts have many advantages over aftermarket parts. While some aftermarket parts do good jobs of mimicking the functions of factory parts, they often rely on second or third-hand information. In contrast to this, Mopar Genuine Parts use original information to craft components that are built to the tightest specifications.

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