Performance features of the Dodge Challenger

Muscle cars have long been a popular class of car in the American experience. The Dodge Challenger brings plenty of performance to this class, offering drivers an enthralling experience that provides superior speed without sacrificing other aspects of handling that make driving enjoyable.

The supercharged engine has a base horsepower that begins at 305 and steadily climbs through other versions to peak at a jaw-dropping 717 horsepower in the Challenger Hellcat with a V8 engine. The Challenger’s powerful engine is balanced by a responsive electric steering system that adapts to the demands of the road, delivering a consistently excellent performance.

Sport braking, performance braking and a Brembo four or six piston braking option allows versatility. The brake system works in tandem with traction control to deliver a consistent performance despite inclement road conditions. The Dodge Challenger is a rear wheel drive configuration that balances the weight of the car equally over the front and back wheels.

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